Happy Father’s Day!

So I had a choice, to either blog about MY father, or Rachel’s. Since my father doesn’t read my blog, and doesn’t really like his business spread all over the Internet, I thought I’d respect his wishes and just blog about the hubby. Plus my dad’s birthday is coming up and I’ll TOTALLY blog about him then.

When Rachel was born, she needed to be fed every four hours. So JD and I had a deal. I’d feed her at 8, then go to sleep. JD would feed her at midnight (he’s the night owl) then I would wake up for her 4 a.m. feeding. I’d get at least 8 hours of sleep, and so would HE. Only problem – he’d never wake me up. He’d just keep waking up to feed her. How selfish is THAT? There I was, a new mom in search of bonding time, and I’d find this –



It was more than the one incident – it became a pattern. We had to wait an entire year before we could feed her solid food. Guess who hogged all the quality time?


Yep, since day one, he’s been there. Always ready to change a diaper/fix dinner/kiss a boo-boo/create an art project/play Star Wars/read a book/etc.

Last night, Rachel said a prayer for her daddy.

“Dear Lord,

Thank you for making my daddy the way he is, for whatever he does, for making him so much fun, and for everything he is. Amen.”


Before she fell asleep, I asked her, “When you get married, do you want to marry a man like your daddy?”

“No,” she answered, “I want to MARRY my daddy.” Girl knows a good thing.

Happy Father’s Day. We love you!

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