Fight Free Fridays

I have never been so happy to see a weekend in all my life! Tuesday I fought the Cobb Board, Wednesday I fought co-workers, and Thursday I fought Moon. I’m pretty sure Moon won. At least I think she did, it’s all a mad blur of squawking, and clucking and flying feathers. Or maybe that was the chickens – it all runs together.

I did get to rest a few minutes in the presence of my Radigals. We started a study of Deuteronomy, which means “Second Law”, “Words” or “*Beer” depending on if you’re studying the Greek, Hebrew, or Zolli. Again, it all runs together.

Speaking of God and all that jazz, today was the Pope’s last day. I so get you Benedict. If I had a big fancy house to retire to in Italy, I’d be out the door tout de suite, which is French for “Later Losers!” Which wouldn’t be helpful since they’re Italian, but still.

I also got to play bridge tonight which I haven’t done in WEEKS and despite my bad mood, no one got hurt. I felt like a tool being in a mad mood after Positive Patty told the story of how a few weeks ago she was leaving her house to take a meal to a friend in the hospital, fell down, broke one ankle and sprained the other, picked herself up and delivered the meal anyway! She WALKED from the parking lot to the room and back – on a broken ankle.

I’m going to go to bed and maybe I’ll wake up with Patty’s attitude. Or in a fancy house in Italy. I’d say they’re both as equally likely to happen.

*If you studied Deuteronomy for all of 40 minutes like I did today, you’d know that Be’er is a Greek or Hebrew word for something like “explaining in detail.” Hey, I didn’t catch everything -I’ve got a lot on my mind.

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  1. Cheer up, don’t worry about yesterday there will be enough to complain about

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