Since Rachel turned seven this year, I thought it was high time she learned about chemistry. And because I’m too intellectual to  pare it down for a CHILD, I ordered this book off Ebay.


It was SEVENTEEN dollars. It’s a book about chemistry; Dr. Keller ought to pay US to read it! (Snort. Did I mention that in addition to being a bridge expert, my mother-in-law taught advanced chemistry, has four degrees, was once Georgia STAR teacher of the year, AND is a pharmacist?) 

So we’re reading it and it ACTUALLY makes sense! I mean to Rachel.


The little atoms have arms! How cute is that? So Rachel understands that because Oxygen has 2 arms it can hook up with one Hydrogen on each….H2O. 

And look at this showoff –


Five hookups? This must be the ladies man of the Periodic Table. We fight over who gets to be him.

Which brings me to the obvious point of this post – why isn’t my MOTHER-IN-LAW homeschooling Rachel while I play BRIDGE?? Exactly.

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