Bargain Hunting

Kittens, I am full. I just made JD go to Subway and buy me a FOOT LONG sandwich and then I ate it like he might change his mind at any moment and take it away from me. It’s been a rough day. My partner and I played tennis, and it was a PLAYOFF, and we needed to take 3 out of 5, and we lost the first 2 lines, then Sharon and I took the court so it all rested on us. Guess how we did? I blame Jesus. I TOLD him that if he didn’t show up and improve my skills it was going to be ugly and He was like, “Oh yeah, I KNOW.” Since I’ve known from the beginning of the season that we stink, I can only surmise that SHARON needed to be humbled. So, well done Jesus!

Other than THAT, it was a good weekend. Mom and the Aunts and the Cousin came to town and we kicked serious yard sale booty. Everyone found SOMETHING, and we even convinced AmmoGuy to go with us one morning. That was especially fun for me since I hadn’t realized how much better he was at driving/helping/arranging than I was until I heard him PRAISED non-stop for, you know, coming to a complete stop and buckling his seat belt.

Half of the ladies left early Saturday morning with a car load full of goodies, and the rest of us braved the downpour to find bargains. I found a perfect chair for my living room –

FIVE DOLLARS! That’s what I’m talking about. My mom and Aunt Fay found a couple of things too.

The back seat was full.

And the back, too. Luckily, Aunt Fay had already sent most of her things home with Cousin Karen. It was packed, but JD was able to rearrange everything in such a way that it all fit. It wasn’t arranged in alphabetical order or by color like AmmoGuy would have done it, but they managed to get it all home.

4 thoughts on “Bargain Hunting

  1. Just got it all unpacked, it was raining all weekend. Thanks for putting up with us.

  2. A competent and self-confident person is incapable of jealousy in anything. Jealousy is invariably a symptom of neurotic insecurity.
    -Robert A. Heinlein

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