A List of 5 Random Things

1. I wore a leopard-print caftan all day yesterday. I kept hoping someone would bring me a cigarette and a martini, but no such luck.

2. The French Open is on and I’ve caught glimpses of my friend Novak Djokovic, but since ESPN feels it necessary to stop broadcasting it at 10:00 and I don’t get the Tennis Channel, I’ve had no significant French Open watching time. This counts for serious at my house.

3. MoonPie has been at her grandparents since Sunday. She and her cousin have gone swimming, had manicures and pedicures and as of last night, “caught seventeen frogs.”

4. I’m heading to Virginia today where I’ll meet up with Moon, the cousin, my mom and Tania-the-Mad. The Grundy Woman’s Club is having a fashion show to raise money. Nick Taylor has been notified and is ready to respond with how wrong they did it all.

5. I like a good vampire movie as much as the next girl, but this is just not doing it for me.

What’s next, George Washington, Werewolf?

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