Run Ragged

I’m hurt. I know I’ve reached the age where I can be injured by sleeping on an over-stuffed pillow, but this time I actually DID something. I was injured while running, just a mile, but it was outside and everything. Now, in the brief moments that I get off the couch, I walk with a VERY pronounced limp. If my mother loved me, she’d bring me a snazzy cane.

Because of my injury, I’ve spend a great deal of time watching TV. Yesterday I watched Love, Lust or Run which is where they find crazy looking people on the street and give them a makeover. ┬áLike they could come up with something better for me to wear than bridge pajamas. I also watched Little Nicky, Karate Dog and The Great Gatsby.




My taste is eclectic.

All of the rest is good for me. Last week was busy and I get kind of grumpy without down time. This week is probably going to be a tough one. JD is working so I’m in charge of getting Moon to her appointments. She has horseback riding, an orthodontist check-up, volleyball and guitar lessons all in the next two days. On top of all of that, I have to feed her. How am I supposed to find time for the chiropractor? For work? For other Adam Sandler movies?

If my mother loved me, she’d come help.


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