Feel better about your own kitchen

So last week I noticed an odor hovering around my sink. Have you ever been in a conversation with someone with REALLY, really bad breath? Imagine that times 12. I figured it must mean some food particles had gotten down the drain so I washed out the sinks, and I poured vinegar down the pipes, and I, well ┬áthat’s all I knew to do. And it didn’t help. Then I spotted my teapot sitting in the window sill. See, occasionally when I’m done washing a platter, a large bowl, my TEAPOT, instead of walking it over to the cabinet which is located about 3 feet way, I put it in the windowsill to dry. Only this time I skipped a step. It might not have been so bad, but it wasn’t just tea that had been in the pot, it was CHAI.

Imagine bad breath, the worst bathroom you’ve ever visited and that smell that happens when your dog rolls in something dead all mixed together. This was worse.

I really hope she is paying attention when her FATHER is in the kitchen cause she’s learning nothing good from me.

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