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Today, I was doing what I usually do, reading 800 blogs in an effort to keep up with what’s happening in the world, when I ran across this:

I knew very little about blogging when I began to post three years ago.  One aspect of blogging that took me by surprise me was the number of freebies I’ve been offered.  Most often, an offer arrives with an explicit request for a product review.  Although I’ve written a couple of product reviews, I’ve never accepted a freebie or a payment.

Bloggers who do accept payments/freebies for product reviews should be aware of a new FTC rule that could lead to a fine of up to $11,000 for failing to disclose these payments. (Courtesy Dr.X)

What? People will PAY for a product review?? Uh…here I AM! Do I really need to tell you that I will review a product for money?  Please. Send it – anything from adult diapers to unfiltered cigarettes – I am your gal.

And here’s a little heads up…if there’s a check in the package, it’s a good bet I’m going to LOVE your product. Besides, anybody looking for GOOD advice stopped reading this blog a long time ago.


2 thoughts on “Your Name Here.

  1. You owe me a lot for all my advise that I have been giving for free. People would pay me to stop giving them advise.

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