Your Estate Sale Sucks

We went to several estate sales over the weekend and while my mom and the Aunts’ were able to find something wherever we went, I was not so lucky. It wasn’t for lack of trying. One of the sales was a lesson in What Not To Do. The woman holding the sale had evidently put a sign in the yard and just opened the door because NOTHING was priced. That’s a pain in the rear under any circumstances, but couple it with the fact that she was the only person running the sale, and it was nearly impossible to buy anything. If you were upstairs looking at a table, you either had to carry it downstairs or leave it and go downstairs, wait until she finished pricing items and/or taking money from someone else then ask her to come upstairs, see the table and give you a price. Horrible estate sale management, amiright Kittens?

Lucky for me, all I wanted was some stupid dvd’s. Apparently her father enjoyed watching movies about history because he had approximately 794 dvd’s with titles like Guadacanal Diary and WWII Planes. There wasn’t just ONE about WWII but several. I picked through them and found 5 that I thought they might be good for Moon, the history buff. The woman told me they were $3.00 bucks each and when I offered her $10.00 bucks instead, she said no. Oh, well. I placed them in the living-room next to the checkout table and left them behind. And I was totally fine with that.

The next day, since we’d been in the area anyway, we decided to go back and see if anything else had been unearthed. The dvd’s were sitting in the exact same spot. The woman was making deals left and right, so I decided to give it another go. How much for the dvd’s? $3.00 dollars. I politely explained that they were $3.00 YESTERDAY, that they were sitting in the same spot, that I was buying them as SCHOOLWORK, and that she’d be taking them to GOODWILL soon, but she refused to let me have them. So I left them behind, AGAIN. And I was totally fine with that.

Who acts like that over stupid, war dvd’s that no one else will look at twice. She was dealing with EVERYONE else, but not me, no I had to put the merchandise down or pay full price.

People are annoying.

Speaking of which, this email between neighbors reminded my of something AmmoGuy would do. And that is a TOTAL compliment.

I wish I had estate woman’s email address.

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