Young Fan(atic)s

The MoonPie had a few overnight guests this weekend. Three boys, twins – age 7 and their younger brother who’s 5, hung out with us while their mother, Carolyn, was out gallivanting. And by gallivanting I mean on a date with their dad.┬áThe boys are very sweet, good listeners and dress themselves with no need for adult supervision. I’m not sure how Carolyn accomplished this but I think she used an old-fashion tool called, “discipline”. I may look that up sometime.

My plan for the evening was simple – popcorn and a movie.

Me: What do you guys want to watch?

Caleb: Star Wars! The one where Annikin gets turned into Darth Vader. I like it when he falls into the lava.

Me: Um, I think that one’s kinda violent.

MoonPie: Mom, I’ve seen it like a HUNDRED times.

Caleb: If someone tried to push me into lava I’d punch him in the face.

Gray: If someone tried to push ME into lava I’d kick him in the wee-wee.

Me: See, too violent.

MoonPie: But we LIKE violence. Begins chanting, “Violence, Violence, Violence”!

Everyone chimes in- “VIOLENCE, VIOLENCE, VIOLENCE!”

I put in the movie. I wasn’t taken a chance. That wee-wee kicking sounded pretty scary.

4 thoughts on “Young Fan(atic)s

  1. I let (make) Moonpie watch Black Hawk Down and Gladiator whenever she has a sleepover with us.

    I think Ridley Scott is her 2nd favorite film maker, right behind George Lucas.

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