You may have too much stuff when…

you are thinking that a tornado hitting your house would not be the worst idea.

Okay, I’m sure that’s insensitive since people have actually HAD their houses hit, but I really was weighing my options of packing up all my stuff or just throwing it away when I thought, “What IF the Lord just dispersed it for me?” I mentally thought of what I’d grab and take into the basement and really all I could think of was MoonPie’s teddy bear. And MoonPie, of course.

I’m over all of the junk in my house – the cheap, yard-sale crap I’ve brought in over the years, the out-of-date clothes, the dusty books – less is more! The problem is if I get RID of everything that I have that doesn’t fit, I’ll be sitting in an empty house wrapped in my Snuggie.

Wouldn’t it be nice to throw everything in your closet away and start over? Here’s what I’m thinking I would need. Well, not NEED really, but would be happy with.

2 pairs of good fitting jeans

1 pair of khakis

1 black suit

1 black dress

1 white dress-shirt

3 solid t-shirts in white, black and red

3 dress shirts, big enough to hide my ever-expanding waistline

2 cable knit sweaters

I might be boring and predictable, but it would be awesome not having to worry about what to wear. That’s it – I’m going to do it. This Saturday is clean-up, pack-up, throw-away time!

Unless there’s a tornado warning. Then I’m going to wait it out. No sense doing all that work for nothing.

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