You Can’t Take It With You, Might As Well Sell It.

My mom and Aunt Fay were in town this past weekend and I’m STILL exhausted. They pulled in the driveway at noon on Thursday, and as we are wont to do, we headed straight to an Estate Sale. I don’t remember what we bought, but I remember the two ladies working the sale. Cause they were HORRIBLE. Mainly because they were sitting behind a tiny table, eating pizza while we were trying to check out, and yes, “horrible” is used loosely here.

Friday, I had a meeting with my writers’ group, while mom and Fay went to another Estate Sale. They came home with a few more items, but nothing too exciting. Unless you consider TV trays exciting.

Saturday morning came and we were back on the streets. For the first time in history, we went to an Estate Sale and bought NOTHING. Kittens, there is nothing more disheartening than prowling through a house full of dead people’s stuff and not getting to take any home, amiright??

The whole day would have been a waste except that I found a lady on Craig’s List advertising thousands of pieces of vintage jewelry. Thousands! We called and she told us to come right over. Right over to Jonesboro, an hour away. Luckily, she hadn’t lied about the jewelry. We told her we were only interested in the cheap stuff – which didn’t seem to surprise her at all – and she pulled out box after box of $5 dollar jewelry.

My mother didn’t look up for two hours straight.

This is my favorite find:

It has an L on it. Hello?  The Lord wanted me to have it!

After emptying our wallets, we finally made it home. The ladies immediately left for Tennessee, and I collapsed on the couch. We had fun and found a few things, but as Estate Sale weekends go, it was just meh. Where are all the dead people? I blame all the cushy retirement communities. Oh, for the good old days when people died in their thirties! Oh well, maybe we’ll get lucky this winter and have another outbreak of the flu. Hopefully somewhere where they wear a lot of rhinestones.

2 thoughts on “You Can’t Take It With You, Might As Well Sell It.

  1. You wonder why there is a downturn. Maybe time of year? Of course people are always passing over, but maybe the relatives don’t want to fool with a sale until spring. Though it has been pretty springy around here. And that is a great ring.

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