Seriously, could you DIE? I could hardly sleep last night thinking about it. The Bridge Nationals start TODAY! Moon and her BFF are all set to go. They have their gear – the wooden cardholders are decorated and ready, and the uniform is set – comfortable clothes for sitting, a sweater in case it get’s chilly. We’re going to spend the morning doing drills, 1 heart, 2 hearts, 1 no-trump, 2 clubs, you know, the usual, then off to downtown Atlanta to rock this thing!

The only sad part of the whole endeavor is that I am not going to play. I mean, OF COURSE I’m going to play, just not on Thursday. I’ll be sitting on the sidelines watching and helping the kids figure out whether they should play from their hand or from the board. Because I’m a giver. And because I’m afraid that if I leave them in the middle of 5000 bridge players in downtown Atlanta they’ll start a riot.

“You’re a CHEATER!”

The girls get to play for free, eat for free, get free gifts and will end the evening with free cookies and a free illusionist show. I get to pay $10.00’s for parking, $17.00 bucks per session, buy my own lunch and cookies, and the only “gift” I’ll get is the gift of playing bridge against a bunch of grumpy, old people who want to beat me. SO WORTH IT!

Moon says she’s “terrified”, and by terrified, I’m sure she means SO HAPPY. I’ve told her that it’s her first tournament and she and her BFF shouldn’t expect to win. There’s no way they’re going to get points. I mean, they are 11, and newbies, and have been playing, like 3 weeks. They couldn’t possibly WIN, amiright Kittens? I’ve been playing for years and I rarely get points, so they won’t. At least they better not.

Perhaps she means “terrified” after all.

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  1. I hear Shadyview Retirement Communities will have a scout and recruiter at the tournament. No pressure.

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