Yard Sale Vigalante

How’s this sound? I’ll drive around over the weekend, check out yard sales, and if they stink, I’ll don a mask, rip out their signs and kick over their tables of cracked pottery and half-full nail polish bottles? No? Then I’m at LEAST starting a new website called www.youryardsalesucks.com. It has a nice ring to it.

So guess what I did this weekend? School will be starting soon and I don’t want to wait until the last minute to get Moon’s clothes, so I went to a few garage sales. I rolled out of bed on Friday, wearing my sleep shirt and no makeup, and headed out the door. My mom had asked me to go to an estate sale for her which was a total waste of time because $12.00 for a kid’s vintage dress, really? Do I LOOK like a Vanderbilt? Next I hit a “fishing crap nobody wants” sale followed by a “card table with nothing on it” enterprise. I only went to one good sale – it had teen clothes AND was being held to raise funds for a mission trip to Israel. The only down side was that it was being put on by people I knew and they saw me without makeup, in my SLEEPING shirt. At least I had on a bra, cause there are days when it’s just too much trouble, amiright?

Saturday, I stopped at several more crappy sales where I really wanted to ask, WHY? If everything in your sale will fit in the back seat of my truck, how bout you just donate it to Goodwill? I was in the process of buying the YourYardsaleSucks url, when I FINALLY hit a good one. Good quality clothing at affordable prices? Check. Variety of books no more than a dollar? Check. Lots of good household items that don’t look like they came out of the re-gifting closet? Check! I bought presents for everyone.

Like this pop-up Narnia book I’m sending to a little girl in India.

Sunday, I went BACK to the estate sale for my mom. Everything they had left was offered at half price and I was able to convince them to reduce some of the things even further, which didn’t take a lot of convincing since they had EVERYTHING left because their sale sucked!

I still managed to spend $62.50 but that’s because I’m a pro.

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