Working 9 to 7:30

If you were planning on working a full-time job, managing a huge fundraiser, and writing a book – don’t. Unless you LIKE the high that no sleep and stress can bring, in which case, go ahead. I was so busy today that when I answered the phone and found my EDITOR on the line, I was all like, “Yeah, yeah, whatever. You think you’ve got a busy day hanging out in New York, try MY life for a day.”

I took Moon to school today then went into the office and I did not come out except for using the restroom all the live long day. I didn’t even eat lunch which normally would be a bad thing except that I’m eating grass and boiled peanuts at this point, so it was not a big sacrifice.

Yesterday was busy as well, and had the added benefit of taking place over several locations. I didn’t roll into the house until 5 pm, but luckily the bridge table was set and we were able to get at least 8 boards played. If you don’t know what that means, you should really ask yourself what you’ve been doing with your life.

JD played and cooked dinner, then cleaned up the kitchen, then gave me 3 new shirts and a cute pair of pants he had just happened to find at The Gap because he thinks I’m fabulous and he yelled at me the other day, but mostly that last one.

And then, like tonight, I crawled into bed, hauled the dogs up on the covers with me, and watched a couple of hours of mindless television because I was too exhausted to do anything else. Unlike the other nights when I just watch television because I’m lazy. Totally different.



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