With Friends Like These

Excuse me for the short post, but today has been a blur, like yesterday, and the day before – long seminars surrounded by Godly people, interrupted by excessive food consumption. Tonight we went to a lovely dinner and listened to Chuck Swindoll. Then afterward, Lori and I had an deep conversation about the biblical points he’d raised and how to apply them to our lives. It went something like this:

Me: Do you think that older guy at the table thought I was an idiot?

Lori: Which guy?

Me: You know, the older author.

Lori: Ohhh, him. Yes. He absolutely did. I’m not sure about the other guy.

Me: You mean he might have thought I was an idiot too??

Lori: It depends. How much did you talk to him?

Tomorrow is our last day and we’ll be spending it with Focus on the Family. I’ll be the mute girl in the corner.

One thought on “With Friends Like These

  1. Don’t worry next week you will have people around you that understand and appreciate you.

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