Wow, what a difference a week can make. Not only did my horse win by a nose in the GOP race, but my partner and I kicked tail at cards! It’s a good night of bridge when you don’t want anyone to get choke on a lozenge. Not that I’d ever want anyone to DIE, just maybe need the Heimlich maneuver and crack a rib and have to leave by a non-emergency ambulance.

Am I going to have to block my daughter from ever reading this site? Probably.

Let’s face it, winning feels awesome. Losing, not so much. Wow, that’s way better than that tired “Thrill of victory, agony of defeat” slogan.  You can’t explain it to people who aren’t competitive. Moon is going to find out on Saturday when she has her first tennis match! I’m hoping she wins , of course, but it is her very first match ever. It will be great just to see her on the court and see how she handles herself. “Helen” will be playing, and while I’d like to believe she’ll be tactful, I’m sure she will let Moon know what she did well and what she should have done differently.

I’m bringing the lozenges just in case.

One thought on “#Winning!

  1. I hope Moon wins but remember someone has to lose. Happy that you are having a good week.

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