Will work for books

I love to read. I feel sure I could withstand years of solitary confinement with a pair of reading glasses and free shipping from Amazon. I especially love books based on actual history. I recently read this:


Which was awesome. I learned all kinds of things. Like apparently there are some islands called “Guernsey.” Or a island. Whatever, the important this is that it was occupied by the Germans during WWII. Imagine St. Simons Island with Nazi’s. No food, no freedom, no bridge! I highly recommend you read it for yourself. I might have missed some of it.


Today I picked this up at the library. It’s about Rome trying to rule Germany and the famous Battle of the Teutoburg Forest. Oh, THAT battle. I’m always the last to know about everything.

I don’t just get books for ME at the library. I picked up a few for the Moonpie. Some history ones, sure, but a few others that spoke to me.


I can’t really explain it.

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