Will The Party Ever Stop?

Moon had a birthday this weekend. I can’t believe my sweet, baby girl is 12, and THIS CLOSE to being taller than I am. We started celebrating Friday night when a couple of girls came over for a pre-birthday sleep-over. Moon wanted to see a movie so we went to a fun Movie Tavern where the kids could watch an animated feature while eating fried chicken strips and I could drink a draft beer so as not to kill myself.

Afterwards, we came home so the girls could pile onto the floor on blow-up beds, eat their weight in candy and chips, and basically make the house tremble until 2 a.m.

The aftermath was not pretty, but we managed to get everyone sent home by lunch time so that Moon could begin the REAL celebration. She was ready for “Daddy Time”, also known as “Do Whatever I Want” time, so the two of them headed to the mall to spend some birthday cash. Once she’d purchased everything in Town Center, she went to her BFFFFFFF’s to hang, play Minecraft and do other special birthday things that she does every other day when she’s hanging with her BFF.

We had ice-cream cake, lots of gifts, time with friends, shopping, a movie, and a boat load of fun. It was a great weekend and a great birthday and other than the fact that my BABY is almost a teenager and will be driving in 4 years and graduating in 6, and probably getting married after that and moving away and I’ll never see her again so I might as well DIE, it was a great success.

I can hardly wait until next year when she’s a TEENAGER.

3 thoughts on “Will The Party Ever Stop?

  1. Times sure have changed since I was a kid and a lot since my children celebrated their birthdays. I don’t think we had any thing but cake and maybe one or two small parties the whole growing up years. Rachel might be spoiled, just saying.

  2. You just get an extra half helping of gruel for your birthday at our house.

    I look forward to it every year.

  3. M,
    If the birthday party shenanigans are your proof of Rachel being spoiled….I think you may have missed a few more evident things…..just sayin’….

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