Why I have no extra money and my house is not clean

Valentine’s Day annoys me. For the past four years, I’ve raced out to buy $2.00 dollars worth of cheap Valentine’s Day cards, then watched/helped/made MoonPie write them out. “It’s S-A-R-A-H, don’t forget the H!” In the beginning, it was easy. I just did them. Then as she became older, I had to decide, do I write them or make her, in which case everyone will think she either A) writes with her toes, or B) drinks like her mother. A headache.

This year, because she has over FIFTY to do, I thought I’d buck the system. I would MAKE cards. Cards with her name on them, so that we only have the “TO” portion to fill out.

For Brownies, I went with this:


It only took 3 sheets of 9×13 photo paper and a trip to Staples for ink to print. Then I went to Michael’s.


And I bought xoxoxo ribbon and heart stickers. Which totally clashed, so never mind.


And this cool thing so that we could STAMP the names instead of writing them, because who wants to spend 10 minutes on a project when you can spend an HOUR?


Then we I drew a heart around the name and put stickers on the back. Cause it’s important that the back looks good too!


THEN, since those were for the Brownies, I thought I’d make a different one for the friends at school.  I left this one solid at the top so that I could use those cool ribbons. Then I thought, “WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU THINKING?”

Whew. That was close. So instead of cutting and tying ribbons for hours, I just jumped online and found some cool photoshop brushes that I could download and use in like, 3/4th the time.


Voila. And only three days and about $38.00 dollars not including ink and paper to make.  But here’s the good news. IF you would like to create a special card of your own angel, and own PHOTOSHOP, you can click the link below and download the layered, PSD file. So everything is editable, the text, the colors, everything. You just have to open a picture of your own cutie-patootie and drag it into the design.

Click HERE, then right click and “save as” where ever you want.

No fuss, no money, and no writing To and From fifty times with your left hand so that it looks like your four year old knows cursive. Not that I would know anything about that.

**This design is 5×5. It’s easy enough in PhotoShop to change the size – image/image size into something smaller so you can get more on a 8.5×11 paper. Change the size before you put in your photo.

6 thoughts on “Why I have no extra money and my house is not clean

  1. We downloaded the template and it looked nice and all, but there was just one problem…. Our daughter’s name isn’t Rachel.

  2. Where’s mine? …Just kidding! I have a nice HP printer that will make any kind of card you need. All you have to do is buy heavy stock paper and start printing. That is, after you hit the icon on the screen.

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