Who’s Going Home to Stay? *Update

*Late this afternoon I looked at the website Dial Idol which predicts the person going home based on number of busy signals. It showed Lauren just barely beating out Haley. Scotty had almost as many votes and Haley and Lauren COMBINED. Unless the wheels fall off next week, we’re looking at another guy winner.

I’m looking forward to tonight. Last week, my friend John just happened to be passing through Rossville when Lauren Alaina came through town. And even though he has been speed dialing for Haley from the very beginning, he didn’t let that stop him from running over a group of teenagers on the way to shake Lauren’s hand.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Round One, the contestants choice, and to guide them – Beyonce. BEYONCE, Kittens. The girl is looking good. How awesome would it be if Ryan started calling JLo the SECOND Most Beautiful Woman in the World? Scotty sings Amazed by Lonestar. Beyonce pretends that she listens to country music, but since she’s already said Scotty is amazing, we know that’s not true. Two seconds into the song, I realized I’d never make it unless I closed my eyes. Whew, that’s better. I thought it was solid. Stephen said he took the song up a notch (uh, Lonestar doesn’t need to be taken up a notch, STEVE), JLo says a million girls wish he were singing to them, and Randy says even though it was pitchy, Scotty’s got “money”. I’ll say this, Scotty knows his audience. B

Lauren chose Wild One by Faith Hill. Beyonce tells her to get over her nerves and trust herself. Actually she said a bunch of other stuff, but I edited it for her. You’re Welcome, B. I think she starts off a little low, but she makes it work. The only thing I can’t figure out is why she’s wearing corsages in her ears. Doesn’t that make it hard to hear? JLo says she attacked it, Randy said it was a good song choice, and Stephen says she’s ready for America to be all over her. I thought it was another solid B performance.

Haley’s going to take a chance and sing a Led Zeppelin song with her dad playing guitar. Girl’s bringing back-up! Now say something bad about her, Judges. Wow, they are unanimous in their praise and she deserves it. BEST OF THE THREE. So far. A!

The Judges give the first round to Haley. Duh.

Round Two – Jimmy’s Choice.

Jimmy gives Scotty, Are You Going to Kiss Me or Not? What was that sound? American yelling a collective “NOT” at the television. Okay, Jimmy, now we know why you make the big bucks. This is the first time I thought Scotty actually sounded like a recording star. Stephen loved it, JLo said he was in the zone, and Randy compared him to Garth Brooks. Yes, GARTH BROOKS. Randy, you just officially jumped the shark. Still, I have to give hand it to him – Solid A.

Lauren’s next and Jimmy has chosen, If I Die Young, which he really doesn’t have to worry about. Just saying. Lauren. Kills. It. Her best performance so far. Seriously, I loved it. JLo and Randy point out that she stumbled a bit, but that she sounded great. Stephen says she nailed it. I don’t care if she missed a key change. I don’t know what a key change is. A+

Okay, Jimmy, what do you have for Haley? Stevie Nicks, of course. I love the tone, I love the wind machine, (also known as a fan), I even love the dancing. Goodness, can AI, Season 12 JUST have Jimmy Iovine? Randy says she’s in the zone, Stephen says it reminded him of how much he loved Stevie Nicks, and JLo says it was a pretty contrast to what she did in the beginning. I think the girls are bringing it. WOW. Another A+

Stephen gives the round to Lauren, but the other two say Scotty. I can’t decide. Besides, I’m totally distracted by this cracktastic video by Beyonce. What the WHAT? If girls run the world, why are you dancing in your underwear?

Round Three -The Judges Choice.

A Kenny Rogers song for Scotty? Awesome. I was worried I’d have trouble sleeping tonight, but this performance ought to do it. Worst evah! Stephen says something stupid as usual, JLo says they chose it for the chorus, and Randy said it was nicely done. Beyonce’s video made more sense. C-

LeeAnn Womack’s, I Hope You Dance, is the terrible trio’s pick for Lauren. Well, I didn’t love it. It was just okay. I blame the judges and their boring song choices. Obviously, they loved it. JLo pronounced her the round three winner already, Randy said SIITWI, sigh, and Stephen said he’s happy, LeeAnn’s happy, we’re all happy with that performance. B and I blame them.

Does Haley even want to come out? What’s the point, JLo already gave it to Lauren. You Ought to Know by Alanis Morissetre is the choice? TERRIBLE. These judges suck. They should have stopped the show at an hour. Yuck. Can you tell I don’t like it? Well now we know why JLo was so confident Lauren had already won it. Randy said she rocked out, Stephen said it was perfect, beautiful and amazing. I think it’s time for Liv Tyler to get a Power of Attorney. JLo said the chorus was the strongest part.

Still, a tough choice. But I’m going to go crazy and predict Scotty’s going home. And if not Scotty, then Haley. Or Lauren. What say you?

4 thoughts on “Who’s Going Home to Stay? *Update

  1. I wish they’d factor in level-of-difficulty. If they did, I think Haley would be in a different universe.

    To me, it’s not even close. Since James is gone, she’s my girl.

  2. James is still my favorite – if I had voted it would have been for Scottie, Lauren is so immature and like Little Bunny Foo Foo I don’t like Haley’s attitude.

  3. I just re-watched it and may revise my prediction. Scotty’s 2nd performance was just awesome. I think Haley may go home. The girl killed it, but two of her three songs were outside the mainstream. The middle usually wins.

  4. I realize that the results have already been tallied and Haley has been sent packing, but I will, nonetheless, give a recap on the show in which you speak of…

    Round 1:

    -Haley wins it
    -I didn’t think either of the other two were great but I’d vote Lauren 2nd and Scotty 3rd (a distant 3rd).

    Round 2:

    -Lauren absolutely nailed this song. She wins round 2.
    -Haley hits much of the notes but the song is boring. She still gets 2nd.
    -Scotty should not sing a song in which there are high notes. He’s no Keifer Thompson and although many thought he did great on the song I’m just not feeling it. He should stick to George Strait, Josh Turner, etc.

    Round 3:

    -This round was tough but I thought Lauren nailed it again. Winner.
    -I loved the choice of Alanis Morrisette and thought the song was an awesome fit for Haley’s voice. She was in a close 2nd.
    -Surprisingly I thought Scotty did great on this song. It was my favorite performance to date of his (except for the awful beginning to the chorus – high notes). I gave Scotty a tie with Haley for 2nd in Round 3.


    I thought Lauren won the night. Haley and Scotty were both a distant 2nd/3rd but I would’ve given Scotty the ol’ plane ticket home. I’m just not convinced that guy can make it. I think he’ll get lost in the shuffle on country radio because he sounds like a poor man’s version of what’s already playing. He’s not in the league of Josh Turner, George Strait, Easton Corbin, Luke Bryan, etc. and that would be his biggest competition. I’m not sure Lauren would be a huge star either. Female country music singers are a dime a dozen and many have awesome voices. She might get lost in the fold too. Haley might actually have the best chance at success (outside of James) because she’s different and would probably be singing to a bigger audience that’s always up for change.

    M – That’s why I only watch the music portion and not all the bologna that’s ‘between’ the singing. Idol only shows you what they want you to see. They ‘mold’ your vision of a person and that person’s personality based on how they want you to vote. Lauren may be immature and Haley may be little bunny foo foo but when you only see the music you can tell that both can sing better than Scotty. Scotty is only around because of how the show portrays him in a positive light no matter what he does. They want him to be a hit so they can cross over into Country music and gain a bigger audience. It’s not a bad strategy but I could imagine there would be better singers out there to carry that torch!

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