Did you ever see the movie TWISTER? There’s a scene where the tornado comes barreling through a farm and picks up a cow. I know how that cow feels. In other words, it’s a busy week. I almost didn’t get to watch Game of Thrones this morning!

Moon crawled in my bed last night, honking and sniffing and otherwise making sleep impossible. Kids are so inconsiderate, amiright? Finally, when it was apparent that I wasn’t going to get any rest, I went to the bathroom and got her some medicine. Mothers are saints, I know. But because she had woken the dogs, they would not rest until I got up and fed them, (5 am!) and by the time I got back in bed it was too late. I had to get back up and make Moon’s lunch, fill out Moon’s school picture form, write a check for Moon’s photos, write a check for Moon’s school fundraiser, and sign Moon’s agenda. JD was right there beside me, helping and organizing Moon’s book bag. Except for the part where he slept through the whole ordeal.

I had planned on going back to bed when Moon went to school, but I had a show to watch, and an ad to get out by 9 am, and blah, blah, WORK. I can not wait until retirement. I’m really counting on that whole Social Security thing coming through for me. Anyone know how that’s going?

I digress. So after all that, I had to shower cause I was meeting my Radigals for some bible thumping. We were trying to make a list of companies to boycott but we got busy talking about life and just as we were getting to the good stuff – the nurse from Moon’s school called. Apparently the sniffling and snorting had continued and could you please come get your bio-hazard in leggings? I was in the MIDDLE of something. Sigh.

The bad news is Moon wasn’t faking. She came home, hit the bed, and never got out. The good news is she’s got a parent ready to be there for her tonight, no matter what time it is, to administer medicine, or wipe her sweaty brow.

And that parent would be JD. But you knew that already.

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