Who Doesn’t love Chicken?

My blog has taken on a new look so that I could add a poll. Don’t worry, it’s only until I get the results I want.

While in Zollicoffer, I found out that the land upon which I sit RIGHT NOW, is a little bit over an acre. An ACRE, that magical unit of land measurement that allows me to have chickens in my county. Chickens, goats, donkeys, a cow, wild mustangs, the list is endless. This entire time, JD has led me to believe we weren’t ALLOWED to have chickens. I see how it is. When I want farm animals he estimates our property at about 3/4 acre. When it’s time to mow, he estimates it at about Texas.

So, chickens and fresh eggs and teaching MoonPie about livestock? Or Walmart and their white blobs of goo?

The poll is for you to help me decide. I have no opinion on the matter.

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