I admit it, this blog has been kinda lame. I can’t help it!  The weekend kicked my booty and it is a BIG booty to kick. Here’s a visual recap:

Thursday the gang showed up and we went straight to an estate sale in Vinings. Yippee for me, I found the MoonPie a shirt from Justice, (modeled above) for a dollar. It still had the tag on it. I felt good about it despite the fact that the “estate sale” looked more like a “bankruptcy sale”. I’m sure the kid selling it had lots of others. This is America after all.

Thursday afternoon I took MP to horseback riding, and afterwards we cooked a big dinner and had birthday cake for MP and my brother, AmmoGuy.

Friday, I babysat the newest member of the family, Allison.

We used our time wisely. Instead of doing stupid baby crap, like changing diapers and heating bottles, we took pictures. I told her if she wanted to stop to let me know. Her endurance was amazing.

School was out at 2:20 so I picked up MP and a friend from school and we went for tea.

We now have to make all peanut butter sandwiches in the shape of a butterfly. Thanks Tea Shop! And as if THAT wasn’t good enough, we then went to –

SPARKLES. It’s the new Chuck E. Cheese. Just one more stop – Chick-fil-A, then home to bed. Someone please help me!

Saturday was more yard sales and tennis, and then I hit the bed at EIGHT.

Of course, I then got up at FOUR on Sunday because I now have the sleep schedule of an eighty year old. Then I skipped church.

Don’t judge me , we had home church. Home church is just like regular church without the tithing and awkward greetings.

THEN, the birthday party.

I won’t lie, Kittens, it almost killed me. The good news is that THIS weekend, I only have plans for Friday night, and SaturDAY, and Sunday night. The Saturday NIGHT plans are only tentative at this point.

Of course, Tuesday night is prayer, Wednesday is volunteering at MP’s school, and Thursday is bible study with the ladies.

Other than that, I’m TOTALLY free.

5 thoughts on “Whirlwind

  1. First, love the estate sale shirt!! LOL Second, that sweet niece of yours is so precious and very photogenic!! Third, yay Friday!!! I know you’re so excited for dinner out and a night with ME!!!! I’m thinking I should have you stay up til 1am… I’m sure you wouldn’t be tired the next morning!! 😛 LOL LOL

  2. Looks like Moon Pie had a lot fun – I know the Zolli-girls had fun. Slow down before you get sick.

  3. I know Moon Pie had fun. But I really think it is the Zolli-women, you guys left the girl stage decades age:))))

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