Whipped, Parisian Style

Kittens, I am tired. Mantamy and I are sitting in a lounge in Paris, waiting for our next flight, another 8+hour ride. I’m pretty sure I’m offensive at this point. I mean, more so than usual.

All this traveling is exhausting, but I’m getting through it by digging deep and finding the strength to go on. And by “digging deep”, I mean “eating the chocolate croissants they hand out here”.

Air France is nice. Our flight had movies and a great dinner. Not that I knew what I was eating. I kept thinking it was the best cornbread I’d ever tasted when I finally realized it was actually orange and cranberry cake. Excuse me, but Zollicoffer High only offered spanish!

Well,  my computer’s power level is low so I better sign off before I run out. And also the lounge just put out some tiny sandwiches that I need to try. Digging deep is fattening.

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