While the cat’s away…

the mice will gain 4 pounds in 3 days eating fried onion chips and ice-cream.

JD is finally coming home tonight after 3 days on the road doing “photography”. Uh huh. He and his friend Mike, another PROFESSIONAL photographer, are assisting their friend Jay. Picture 3 men that LIVE on vacation, talking about how hard it is shooting ┬áMODELS, while stuffing themselves with expensive food, all on the client’s dollar.


Meanwhile, Rachel and I are barely making it. So far, I’ve fallen over the dog, been electrocuted, broken the toilet, broken my printer, may or may not have broken the pool, made inedible food, and gained 2 inches around my belly. Don’t ask how I can made bad food and STILL gain weight, but it’s happened.

Whatever. I guess I should be glad he’s working. And I’m just kidding about them sitting around doing nothing. Photography is not as easy as it sounds. I’m sure he’s working really, really hard.


*Actual images taken while “working”.

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