While the cat’s away…

the grandparents will  totally take over and convince your child that she’d be much better off hanging out with THEM than going home and doing schoolwork with her boring parents. They do this through trickery and magic.

Oh sure, hang out with your cousin. They let me do that, too. At first!

They bought you a FOUR-WHEELER? Yeah, well. I had a motorcycle when I was your age. Trust me, it looks fun NOW. Just wait until it breaks down on you and you have to walk off the mountain pushing it for two miles.

HEY! That’s not fair. Whatever. Take my advice. They look harmless and sweet, but just wait until their true colors start to show. Then it’s all rules and curfews, and being grounded. The fun will officially be over soon. It will be “make your bed,” and “no more sugar, it’s bad for you” before you know it!   

Just get in the car and be quiet.

3 thoughts on “While the cat’s away…

  1. We are thinking of adding a fort to the sand box which is already popular. Our motto is if it won’t hurt them they can do it at our house and eat anything they want to eat.

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