I admit it, my house is not a show place. After being gone for several days, we spent yesterday dragging out all of our Christmas ornaments/trees/dancingSanta’s. Then I just left them where they landed. I was still tired from sitting in Thanksgiving traffic. Add in the dirty clothes from our trip, the MoonPie’s school paraphernalia and my work stuff, and it’s not a pretty picture.

BUT. It could be worse:

Cobb home filled with garbage, insects, used food containers

Cobb County woman spent several hours in jail for having four children in a home filled with garbage, insects and fecal matter.Casey Abigail Robinson, 37, of Acworth was charged with contributing to the deprivation of a minor because of the condition of the home, according to her arrest warrant.

The Mars Hill Road home had broken furniture, insect infestation, food and “used food” containers on the floor, according to police. Dirty dishes were stacked in the kitchen, and an “unknown source fecal matter” was present in the bathroom.

The bathroom next to the children’s bedroom was non-functioning, according to the arrest warrant. The four children in the home range in age from 6 to 13 years old, police said.

The home also had water flooding, mold growth and dirty clothes throughout, police said. The windows were covered in dirt, according to the warrant.

While I agree that non-functioning bathrooms, fecal matter and insect infestations sound gross, who are we to judge a woman for dirty clothes and dirty windows? Maybe she’s a slob, or MAYBE, just maybe she’s a homeschool mom with a JOB, trying to find the time to WRITE, organize her COUPONS, play BRIDGE, and carve out a little time for herself that doesn’t involve cleaning or wiping or cooking for OTHERS.

Now, I think we’ve all learned a little something about tolerance from that post. You’re welcome.

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