When Will It All End??

P90X3 has almost killed us. Day Two was a half hour of wheezing, jumping, groaning and sweating – and that was just me trying to put on the sports bra! It was so bad, at one point I started to look forward to going to WORK. A sure sign of oxygen deprivation, amiright Kittens?

In other things I want to end news, Middle School sucks. There are only 7 more days left and I’ve already decided to skip at least one of them. I mean, to let MOON skip one of them. I don’t know what to think about a world that doesn’t embrace a cute, 12-year old girl who can quote from all 6 Star Wars movies. I think Moon should wish them all a happy summer vacation on Planet Alderaan, BOOM!

Granted, Moon is at a disadvantage with having me as a parent. Sunday, after our shopping spree, I was lamenting how much we spent. Moon said, “Duh, Mom. We were shopping at TARGET.” Oh. Yeah.

Today, Moon’s off to compete in the Olympics in the Corn Hole toss. I don’t know whether I want her to do well or not. Being successful at Corn Hole, is that a good thing? I can’t keep up with Middle School trends. In my day, it was much simpler. If you could skate, play dodge ball, and owned a pair of Tretorn’s you were good to go.



Thank God it’s over for at least one of us.

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