When Every Day is Monday

Kittens, it’s been that kind of week. The no fun, all work, too tired to do anything for ME, crappy kind of week. Oh, fine, I DID play bridge, and I managed to meet with the Radigals this week, but other than THAT, it stunk. I’m happy that you’ve at least noticed my absence. I got a chuckle today when Mantamy asked if I’d been neglecting my blog because I’ve been “wasting my time.” To be fair, I might have confessed a problem in that area. But it made me smile because some might say this BLOG is a waste of time.

I can’t really remember much of what happened last week, but at some point I cut up an old t-shirt and relived my youth by helping my daughter get dressed for an 80’s dance.

I am proud to say that while I rocked a lot of bad hairstyles, the side ponytail was never one of them.

It’s amazing how quickly I fell back into the 80’s mode. I even found a Swatch Watch! The girls looked really cute and I think that’s the problem with the whole style. It doesn’t look good on anyone over 17 years old. I know because there were a few ladies circa: my age sporting short skirts and leg warmers at the dance. Not. Good.

Not that I’m one to talk when it comes to fashion. I’ve morphed into one of those old women that wear blue-jean capri pants and comfortable shoes and go around telling people proudly, “I don’t do ANYTHING to my hair. I just let it dry naturally.” Normally I don’t care, since normally my days are spent shuffling between my couch and Walmart. But I may have mentioned I’m going to be in Paris in a month or so and I hear they are into fashun over thar.

JD and I were looking at a website the other day called The Sartorialist. Dude takes pictures of people on the street, primarily in Paris. THIS is the page where JD said, “Now that is a good look!” And he wasn’t joking. He specifically liked the 2nd one. I’m pretty sure I can duplicate that look.

I’m just NOT sure I can get Mantamy to walk down the street beside me while I’m wearing it.

4 thoughts on “When Every Day is Monday

  1. I like that style it is better than the India clothes. You need to get off the Santorum fan bus and get back to your blogs.

  2. If you wear the “costume” in the 5th picture down, I’ll def walk the rues de Paris avec vous! Avec votre appareil-photo!!!

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