What’s Up?

Cause I got nothing. I think I should have guest bloggers post every now and then, just to shake things up. Qualifications? You must be able to type and no obsessing over weight or bad cooking, cause we’ve got those topics covered. Other than that – have at it.

I haven’t blogged in a few days, and in case your wondering if you missed something, it would have gone something like this:

I’m tired and think I’ll go to bed. Hey look, it’s 8:30. Nothing like beating your nine year old to bed.

A friend of mine thinks I’m depressed. What other explanation could there be for a woman wearing a bathrobe, sitting in her messy house and taking naps during the middle of the day? It’s not like I’m lazy and carbo-loading for crying out loud!

Oh wait, I AM. Maybe I’m tired because my diet has gone to Hades, OR my diet might have gone to Hades because I’m so tired. Either way I’ve been feasting on sour cream & onion chips, Tagalong cookies and beer. Yeah, that would put you in a coma. While I’ve NOT been blogging, I have been READING a lot of blogs so that should count for something. Here’s my take on what’s happening in the world.

1. On the Zollywood scale of insanity, (1 – 10) Charlie Sheen is a 12. On the Hollywood scale, a 3. Remember Tiger Woods? Tom Cruise? They probably all have goddesses at their beck and call. I may be a bit cynical.

2. You now need a loan to buy gas and food.

3. I like Paul McDonald, Casey Abrams, and Lauren Alaina.

4. Gwyneth Paltrow is getting a record deal. It’s nice to see a rich, white girl with famous parents and a famous husband get ahead for once.

5. I had a sexy dream about Herman Cain. Okay, that’s not happening in the world, just my head, but I thought it was worth noting. Maybe it’s prophetic. Or maybe I spend way too much time reading political blogs.

That’s it. Time for me to go dunk a cookie in my beer and prepare for bed. And yes, I realize some of you are reading this mid-morning. Still works.

3 thoughts on “What’s Up?

  1. My favorites are Paul McDonald, Casey Abrams and Lauren Alaina too! As far as your diet, no sympathy. I wish I looked like you!

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