What’s Happening?

Political News:

I am having a tough time thinking of anything to write about because I have fallen under the spell of Weiner-Gate and I can’t get up. That sentences grosses me out for many reasons. What is is with men? Say what you will about Nancy Pelosi or Michelle Bachman, they don’t make news by sending photos of the good china to college men. At least we hope not. Who’s ready for a all-female ticket?

I’m guessing there are some Social Media Classes taking place on the Hill this week.

Pop-Culture News:

American Idol contestant, Paul McDonald and Nikki Reed of Twilight fame are ENGAGED. Well, it’s about time. They’ve been together¬† four, maybe five, months. I’m guessing their children will have very white teeth.

Zolligirl News:

JD and I had lunch today with our friend from India. You know, the one with 47 kids? We kept waiting for her to ask us for parenting advice, but I guess she couldn’t work up the nerve. She also neglected to ask us for spiritual guidance or how to keep a clean and orderly house. Odd. I’m guessing she has really good discernment.

MoonPie News:

Moon told me to tell everyone that she went to horse camp today and had a great time. She had a lesson, did crafts, swam, and took a trail ride. I’m guessing she’ll have her own blog soon.

I’m also guessing she’ll have more readers than I do within a week.

One thought on “What’s Happening?

  1. Sister used to really like Weiner wonder if she was getting any of his emails.

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