What Was I Saying?

Either I am way too busy, or I have early-onset Alzheimer’s. I REALLY hope its the busy option, having Alzheimer’s with my family would be bad.

Me: I can’t WAIT to go to India.

Mom: Oh, don’t you remember? You just got back. You hated it.

Lately I’ve been very forgetful. My household has given up on leaving me home alone with the stove. The other day I put some water on to boil, but by the time I remembered it, all of the water had boiled out. I refilled it, got it to boiling, put in the eggs, and promptly forgot them. ┬áThis happens about twice a week. In a unrelated note, my husband could use some new cookware.

I can understand forgetting about cooking, I rarely do it. But today I was folding laundry and I found a black shirt, which I had never seen before! I thought to myself, “WHO’S is this? My husband has had another woman here! He’s cheating with a heavy-set woman who shops at Belk. Oh wait, didn’t I go shopping at Belk a few days ago?”

It MAY be mine. It may NOT be. As soon as I remember where I put my receipt, I’ll decide if JD gets to come back inside.

One thought on “What Was I Saying?

  1. I like the India idea I think you just got back. Don’t you remember I came down for a week and Rachel came to Day Mountain for a week.

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