What I saw on Netflix

Because inquiring minds want to know. Or maybe they’d rather hear what I ate and how much weight I gained? That’s what I thought.

From the World of Television – Drop Dead Diva

I know I’m shallow, but I thought the series was cute. Mainly because the actress who plays Jane is so darn good. She really makes you believe there’s a size 2, Fashionista inside there somewhere. The only problem? Netflix only has the first season. Now what am I going to do all day?

For the children – Liberty’s Kids

You know how your child has a few days off from school and instead of going to Disney World or someplace cool, you give her the Netflix remote and because you don’t want to feel guilty about it you turn her on to some educational cartoon so you can call it “review”? This is similar.

Movie – Shades of Ray

Maybe the story of a half-white, half-Pakistani guy who may or may not be engaged doesn’t sound funny to you, but you’d be wrong.

Or maybe I have a strange sense of humor, whichever.

One thought on “What I saw on Netflix

  1. Ok, just have to say…. I totally loved waitching Liberty’s Kids growing up… oh and there was this math show… forgot what it’s called… came on PBS. LOL

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