What do you want?

I have a sick child to tend to. Or, I have a sick child, to whom I must attend. Better?

The MoonPie has stopped her game of UpChuck Surprise, but has segued into Guess the Fever. We spent the day in our pj’s, lounging in the bed. Well, I had a laptop sitting on me the whole time, so technically I was working. The point is, we’re hopeful that she’ll be better by tomorrow.

And I have more serious things to deal with than this blog. Which leads me to this –

If you’re a member of Facebook and want to look really, really COOL, join this group



That’s right. Join the group and you’ll be the proud recipient of a Bayer Aspirin holder, which conveniently doubles as a key chain.

Nothing says “young and hip” like an aspirin key chain. I wonder if they make them in X-Large for the Xtra Cool.

Courtesy Deal Seeking Mama.

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