What Day is It?

I had a very productive weekend, at least I think so since I have zero recollection of what we did on Friday. The whole day is gone, poof, from my memory.  Oh, if I could only pick and choose what I wanted gone forever. Good-bye 1992- 1994! Saturday we all slept in, then I barricaded myself in the spare bedroom to write. Revision MUST be done, and I needed to be away from all distractions РMoonPie and Christmas candy Рincluded. I was partially successful at both. I managed to revise 3.5 chapters which is awesome, and do NO housework with is normal.

Saturday was New Year’s Day, so we went to my brother’s house for “Hot Meat”, which is a real recipe, and not what we call AmmoGuy. Trust me, we do NOT call him that. We also had black-eyed peas, greens, mashed potatoes and turtle pie, which we all know ensures that 2011 will bring luck, money, fat thighs and a huge bottom. I’m already half way there!

Sunday was church, uneventful, except that the MoonPie had written a Christmas letter to God asking for a couple of things only He could give, and our children’s pastor gave them back with Bible verses attached showing where the promises/answers were written. MP read her letter to us.

MP: “Dear God, Please give me self-control, and peace.”

Me: “That sounds nice.”

MP: “I’m not sure who I needed peace with, but I’m guessing you two.”

JD: “Us? What do we ever do?”

MP: “You aggravate me, which is also why I need self-control!”

That’s us – making the Fruit of the Spirit real for our daughter.

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  1. That is soo funny we need to look through her eyes. I guess that could apply in all our lives.

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