Well, that stunk.

I hear the Super Bowl was kinda one-sided. I wouldn’t really know since I watched the opening snap and decidedĀ  I should get a drink and watch Netflix instead.

Last week, I showed Moon a video of her from a couple of years ago. In it, she’s singing and being super adorable, but as soon as she watched it, she jumped on the bed, dug under the covers and said she was entering her “tunnel of humiliation.” Who thinks Peyton’s in his hotel room doing the same?

Even though I wasn’t watching the game, I kept getting texts and messages from people commiserating with me, or making fun, depending on their fandom. I was disappointed in the loss, OBVIOUSLY, but then I googled Peyton Manning + earnings and found that he made THIRTY-ONE MILLION dollars in 2013, so I figured he’d be okay.

Cheer up, Peyton. That’s a pretty big light at the end of the tunnel of humiliation.

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