Welcome, Monday

I’m too old for this.

Moon brought home a couple of friends on Friday for another sleep-over. And by “sleep”, I mean everything but. I went to Kroger to load up on groceries, then came home and hid in my bedroom with my computer and headphones. It would have worked but her stupid school had a stupid 80’s dance, and stupid elementary school kids can’t drive. Dang that “You must be 16 year old to drive” law.

They can’t sleep alone in the living-room either because apparently they thought watching a scary episode of Zack and Cody was a good idea. Which is why I ended up sleeping on the couch, trying to ignore whispers and giggling and elementary school-girl stank.

My back hurts.

On Saturday, I took them home then gave Moon the chore of cleaning the house while I took a long nap in a real bed. Which is when I got the following texts from Mantamy.



We are on our way.

I responded with my usual hospitable attitude with : I am not home.

But it was too late. They were in my drive-way. That’s what you get for telling people your real address. I didn’t really mind. I enjoyed seeing them and it’s not like their house is always perfect. Once I was going through her cabinets for a glass and she had a port glass mixed in with her sherry glasses. I know, right?

Saturday evening Moon and I drove inside the perimeter so she could rock her bridge lesson by making 6 spades DOUBLED. I think we can all agree it doesn’t get much better than that and Moon was singing the praises of bridge all the way home. I love it! It’s nice to know that she’ll be driving me to bridge clubs when I’m too old and infirm to drive myself.

Which would be Tuesday. Dang that “You must be 16 year old to drive” law.

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