Welcome Home, Here’s your Broom

So me and the kids made it home yesterday. Having 4, sometimes 5, kids for the week was an eye-opener. What I realized is this – I would be a GREAT mom to a whole passel of children. I can’t imagine what the Lord was thinking by limiting me to one. All is takes is a little patience, a good attitude, 125 acres of hard woods and my parents. I’ve got access to all of that! Maybe there’s still time to adopt.

We made it home without incident, and by “incident”, I mean no one threw up, which was a real possibility since there was a LOT of snacking, flavored soda-drinking, and over-eating going on. A full mouth is a quiet mouth, amiright Kittens?

JD met me at the door, happy to see us, but with a warning. Seems he’d been so excited about the spring weather, he’d opened all the doors and windows to enjoy the breeze. Which explains why I had an inch of yellow pollen on every horizontal surface in the house. Oh well. You know if there’s one thing Zolligirl enjoys, its a day of sweeping and mopping, ESPECIALLY after a 4 hour drive. Unfortunately, I forgot to vacuum and about 5 o’clock my head started to pound. Despite an allergy pill and 4 Advil, the pain was unrelenting. At about 9, I finally locked myself in the spare bedroom, the only room I could be sure didn’t have pollen covering the bed, and prayed for it all to end.

It stormed all night and all I could think was, I hope it washes all this terrible pollen away BEFORE the tornadoes hit the house. The good news is that the pollen count seems to have lowered and I still have my house. The bad news is I STILL have to vacuum. I’ll change the linens in my bedroom while I’m at it, and surely I’ll get a good night’s sleep tonight.

ESPECIALLY since JD will be sleeping in the spare bedroom.

3 thoughts on “Welcome Home, Here’s your Broom

  1. Do the dogs follow JD to the spare bedroom? If not, I think you are getting the short end of that one.

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