Weight Watchers Wednesday

I used to hate Mondays. Now I have TWO days to dread. Why is dieting so hard? Why don’t bananas taste better? Why aren’t sour cream and onion potato chips 35 calories? Why am I sitting here writing this and craving a milkshake?

Can I take a moment and change the subject? I’ve been watching The Biggest Loser and I’m really aggravated. One team, FEARFUL that they’d lose the weigh-in competition, gained weight on purpose so that they could send the parentsĀ  home instead of their children. Had they just LOST weight, they could have all stayed. I’m officially Team RED now. Obviously this makes no sense to any of you who don’t watch, but the point is, it’s always easier to tell OTHER people what they need to do regarding their diet. No, the point is, FEAR of what may happen, is stupid. I don’t know, is it Thursday yet?

Shall I get on the scale? Oh wait, here’s ANOTHER distraction.

I found this photo of me and my brother. It was probably taken about 15 years ago. What I LOVE about it, is that my brother looks like he’s actually hugging me. Typically, he’s more of a “courtesy” hugger. If he sees you coming at him, arms wide open, he’ll allow you to move in, then he’ll give you a quick pat on your back, just one, then you need to move along. I love how sweet we look. Oh, who am I kidding? I just love that we look young and thin! I want to be thin again! If only there was a way.

Fine, here I am, on the scale. Total weight loss this week – half a pound. ARGGGH!

Could someone PLEASE post your everyday menu for me? I can’t get my groove going. What do YOU eat for lunch and dinner? For breakfast, I’m having regret.

2 thoughts on “Weight Watchers Wednesday

  1. Well, your half pound loss is almost one pound better than my .2 lb GAIN! WHAT???!!!

    I am NOT a fan of this new WW system and I’m not a complainer! I don’t think I gained a single pound any week the last time I did this and I don’t remember being hungry almost ALL of the time!

    I’m about ready to switch back and you, obviously, would not benefit from my daily menu.

    On the other hand, you are continuing to make progress! Congratulations LT – you look fantastic!!!

  2. I have a great solution to your problem. Go back to college…. there is no longer any such thing as the “Freshman 15″… at least not here… move into a dorm, be sure your roommate and her friends eat any food you keep in the dorm…. walk at least 3 miles daily to get to classes…. join Zumba that meets once a week…. and still be able to eat the food your body claims as “crap” like the wonderful Chickfila and McDonalds (YUM). You will lose 5 lbs guaranteed within 2 wks.

    Trust me on this, I’ve gone from 103 to 96.5 …. but then again, it only makes my life more difficult, I’m 7lbs lighter meaning -7lbs easier to be thrown up in the air and carried around by butch females or macho males.

    Guess this means you’d have J.D picking you up within a couple weeks now too eh?! šŸ˜›

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