Weight Watchers Wednesday

Okay people, the hour is upon us. Step right up and show us what you’ve got. Or what you’ve lost.

I think I did okay considering. We had plans to eat at La Parilla, the best Mexican restaurant EVER, and I really wanted to enjoy it. While they offer a great salad, I’m sick to death of lettuce. Besides, I’m pretty sure what makes their salad good, avocado, bacon, cheese, is the same stuff that makes me fat. So I had a plan. First, the food BEFORE the restaurant:

Breakfast – Latte and a banana 2 points. Snack – banana 0 points, Lunch – 8 boiled shrimp 1 point, Afternoon snack – weight watchers popcorn 1 point. Whew, I was headed to eat and had only used 4 points! This was looking good cause I’d done my homework. The Weight Watchers website said medium flour tortillas are 2 points and beans are 3. So I ordered 3 tortillas and a bowl of beans, hold the cheese. 9 points and yummy!  I might have looked like a goober eating my runny bean burritos, but a SKINNIER goober.

The next hurdle to overcome was the Super Bowl. The menu consisted of brats, coleslaw, beans, macaroni and cheese, chips, and assorted appetizers. Not a lot of low calorie options. Luckily I found the part of the Weight Watchers website that said I get 49 extra points per week. Excellent! I could use 7 a day, or all 49 at once. I went for the “all at once” option.

By the way, I found these on sale at Publix a few weeks ago. I was starving yesterday and pulled them out of the freezer. Turns out they are 1 point each! I think they’re pretty good, and 2 make a yummy snack.

So, the big weigh-in. Here I am, standing in my latex shorts and sports bra. LOVELY. The scale says: minus 2 pounds! Yea, me. If I squint just right, it might even say 2 and a HALF pounds. Plus, I’ve had three people this week ask if I’m losing weight, two of which mentioned my baggy britches. Obviously the size of my behind has been a great concern.

So, how’d you do?

5 thoughts on “Weight Watchers Wednesday

  1. You ROCK sister!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!

    Down 3 1/2 this week…finally. I’ll take it. Not racking up the big numbers like Jennifer and Jay, or Olivia, Hannah and Irene, or or even like I did the last time I did WW, but I only worked out one day this week. Maybe THAT’S the secret!

    Keep up the great work Zolli!

  2. I’ve been sick all week but I lost 3 pounds because of it! I think I’ll market my plan….Fighting the Flu and Fat! Or the Saltine and Hot Tea Diet!

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