Weight Watchers Wednesday

I went to tennis this weekend and the ladies were ALL doing Weight Watchers. It’s the the coolest thing ever for the +40 crowd. One of them recommended Apple Straws by Sensible Portions.

Yumola! And only 3 points for THIRTY-EIGHT. I love it when I can eat 38 of something and call it a diet. Available at your local Wal-Mart.

Last week, I didn’t really want to weigh-in because I’d eaten my normal fare of Girl Scout cookies and take-out. But somehow I managed to lose TWO pounds. I lost two pounds while eating Girl Scout cookies! Please remember this next year when the Moon is selling them again.

This week has been a roller coaster – one day it’s a single, cheese from Wendy’s with my mom, the next day it’s baked fish and asparagus. There’s a reason there’s no fast-food franchises built around fish and asparagus.

So here I go, up on the scale. And this week’s total weight loss – plus .5!

Awesome. I know I’ve said this before, but really, THIS is the week. The cookies are gone, and I’ve got weekend guests to entertain. What could go wrong?

And how did you do?

2 thoughts on “Weight Watchers Wednesday

  1. My coffee shop forum group is planning a hog cook- out and I need a 75 to 80 pound hog, preferably a gilt, to cook whole. How big are those porkers in the picture? Yuuuum!

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