Weekly Round-UP

This was a busy week Kittens, but I’ll get to the good stuff first. I. Won. At. Bridge. That’s right, I played bridge on Saturday and my partner and I actually came in FIRST overall. That means of everyone there, we had the highest winning percentage. Boom!

Some other cool stuff happened too. Like on..

MONDAY I went to Passion City Church with some of my lady friends and heard a great testimony. I admit that then entire time this lovely lady was telling about her horrible year and how God healed her, I was thinking “Glad that’s not me.” Uber holy, or what? Sure I could persevere and give God the glory, but how about I just sit here all comfy/cozy and watch Netflix? My lame level of faith is not news to God, so I’ll just keep hoping one day to be one of THOSE types of people.

TUESDAY I hung out at my local ministry all day, then came home and washed clothes and packed. Not only did I have to get MY stuff together, but JD and Moon’s and Freeda’s, too. Because the three of us headed down the road on WEDNESDAY and went to Savannah. I had to work for a few days so I figured since I had a hotel room, why not bring the en-Tyre family. While I worked on THURSDAY, the two of them walked around Savannah, took a water-taxi back and forth to the hotel, and hung out by the pool. That night, we went to dinner with family and ate our weight in chicken fingers and spuds, and I discovered something called honey-horseradish. YUM.

FRIDAY, I rode back to Marietta with my friend/coworker John, while the rest of the crew went to St. Simon’s.


No, it wasn’t fair, but someone had to come home and look after the pool and water the plants and according to JD, that someone was me. 🙁 I can’t remember the last time I have spent the night at home without even a dog to keep me company. It would have been even sadder except that on SATURDAY I kicked serious bridge butt as I believe I mentioned, and that night I watched the season finale of Orphan Black, because clones.

SUNDAY I went to church, then lunch with my faves, Bratt and Kit. I came home and  started cleaning house in anticipation of JD and Moon’s arrival, only to find out they had car trouble about two hours outside of Atlanta. Nothing like sitting in Acworth knowing that your husband just got in a car with strangers to go get car parts while your daughter and dog hung out at a gas station. What could possible go WRONG?

Thankfully, they made it home all safe and sound and Moon has a cool, new story to tell about life on the road. Not as cool a story as my bridge win, but good all the same.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Round-UP

  1. Aren’t you glad that JD sent you home and you wasn’t the one with the van when it needed help.

  2. It is time to get another dog I will find you one this week end and you can pick it up at the Lewis reunion. Does Rachel want a small one.

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