Weekends are better than weekdays

Thursday was a tiny bit better for Moon and a WHOLE BUNCH better for me, mainly because the in-laws came and, whew. It’s nice to have a Star Teacher in the family when homework is on the line. On a side note, it’s nice to have a Sicilian in the family when death is on the line, but that’s another story.

Anyway, M and PaPa showed up on Thursday and I could not have been happier. M provided 42 hours of free tutoring and 73 games of Chicken Coop, while PaPa provided the Bloody Mary’s. Moon and I were in heaven!

And it got better. Moon went to school on Friday, so I, being the best daughter-in-law in the world, took the in-laws into Atlanta for the BRIDGE NATIONALS. I had bragged about how easy it was to get there, and about the $5.00 parking across the street, only to find that traffic was backed up for several exits and the parking lot had decided to raise the rates to $20 bucks! We opted for a $10 space just a few miles away and I feel certain the up-hill walk to the bridge game was invigorating for everyone involved. Either way, we all won so it was totally worth it. Afterward, we went out for a nice, healthy lunch.

I’m referring to our MENTAL health, obviously.

We got home to an empty house. Moon had gone home with a friend and they spent the evening at the Braves game. Not only did she see their 14th win of a 14 game winning streak, she came home with a game ball! You know, the ACBL ought to really consider giving out “game” cards, amiright?

By Saturday, we were all a little worn out and over wrought. My mother-in-law made note that PaPa had fixed himself a “drink” and it was only noon.

He didn’t seem to give much weight to her opinion. In his defense, she looked like this at the time –

Basically, we drove them crazy.

AmmoGuy brought over the girls for some bonding time Saturday afternoon and we all sat around eating Chinese food and being lazy. In another word – perfection!

Sunday, we all went to church, then I came home and cleaned house, played Barbies, grabbed 10 pounds of BBQ with my friend Kathryn, took it all to the church so Moon and the students could eat, came home and ate some of the aforementioned BBQ, and now I’m on the couch swearing that tomorrow, I will REALLY, SERIOUSLY begin my diet.

So, family, bridge, overeating, diet plans and delusions – in other words, a typical weekend.

2 thoughts on “Weekends are better than weekdays

  1. There’s nothing like having family visit. I’m glad things are going better for Moon, but I thought she was NOT going to spend the night at her friends house.

    P.S. It was about time you wrote and entry in this blog!

  2. The difference when your family visits is that we are already crazy so you can’t drive us that way.

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