Weekend Roundup

Here’s a visual recap of my weekend, because sometimes words are not enough.

Friday, I watched Baby SpitFire.

“Watched” may be putting it too strongly.

Maybe “hung out with till Granny took over” would be more realistic. Speaking of Granny –

After some Saturday morning yard sales, she and Aunt Fay loaded up the truck and headed home.

It was an unsuccessful trip; I can still see a spot on the floor. I’m pretty sure they could have stuffed another pillow under the seat.

Saturday night we went to a party.

Kathryn is going to India. Not that I care. I’m not jealous. But if anyone knows how to say, “I’ve got cooties” in Tamil, let me know. I’m hoping to equip her with a few choice phrases for the trip. Cooties is what they call the little kids in India. What did you think I meant?

Awesome Abhi gave the team Bollywood dance lessons so they’d be ready to impress the kids.

The MoonPie isn’t going this time, but since I’ve arranged her marriage with a handsome, Indian 5th grader, I thought she better learn some moves.

Sunday I played tennis. My regular partner was out of town, so I played with Kristy. Kristy who happens to coach tennis and is 17 years younger than I am. I won’t get into who served aces and who spun second serves in at 17 miles per hour, it’s a team effort, and all that matters is that we won. And I didn’t pull anything.

Not pulling anything is pretty much the hallmark of a successful weekend in my book.

One thought on “Weekend Roundup

  1. Sounds like a great weekend. Family, friends and sweet little babies. I had a good time and got great treasures.

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