Weekend Recap

Kittens, I have so many awesome and exciting stories to tell you. How could I not after SIXTEEN hours of bridge that began at 6:30 am?

Unfortunately you wouldn’t understand any of them. Just know this – my partner made a bid that is RARE and she was the ONLY person in the whole room to do it. It was worth 2140 points, gave us a top board, and propelled us into 2nd place, so take THAT losers! Oh, and we helped raise a bunch of money for the Alzheimer’s Association which was totally the point.

Saturday, I died. Or at least I felt like I had. But I rallied for two reasons. One, I wanted to buy a car at a yard sale. Yes, a CAR. Unfortunately, so did a bunch of other people and apparently they felt the need to bid on it. Fine, I like walking, it builds character.

The second reason I rallied is that it was the monthly Supper Club. The theme this month was Caribbean Fare and everyone prepared AWESOME dishes. Like : Pinon and a Crab-Papaya Appetizer. The evening also included SALSA dancing. It was a lot of fun, but then, well, you know how people at parties get…


Sunday was church, then lunch, and finally CANOEING. We didn’t own a canoe this time last week, but my brother called and talked to JD. I imagine it went like this:

AmmoGuy: I was wondering if you wanted to buy..


JD claimed that owning a canoe would give him plenty of opportunity to bond with Moon, so I decided to give him that opportunity immediately. The fact that it gave ME the opportunity to lay on the couch with a book was beside the point.

Moon took along her BFF and obviously, in an attempt to make her feel needed, elected to let HER do all the paddling.

We Tyres’ are big on making people feel needed.

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  1. I have been trying to make your father feel needed but he doesn’t ever take the bait. I need to know how you do it.

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