Weekend for the Ages

My mother came to visit this weekend and brought Aunt Faye which is why we found ourselves driving around in the rain, pawing through a stranger’s rhinestone bikinis. I’m a bit slow but when I saw the girlie photos, the bikini, a nurse uniform, a leather bustier, and a “utility” table with O-rings all over it, even I figured out I was looking at 50 Shades of A Weirdo. It went downhill from there. You know it’s bad when the biggest item my mom bought during the weekend was an ironing board. The shopping was so bad we actually spent time talking and I found out how old my mom is. I guess the fact that her MOM is 101 should have given me an idea, but for some reason I had deleted about 5 years from her age. Which is totally unlike Tania-the-Mad who has ADDED several years. It’s true.

The good news is that they didn’t come for the shopping, but for the birthday celebration. Moonpie is officially a TEENAGER. I can only hope the next few years are like her birthday – drama free. I know all moms (except possibly ONE) say this, but she really is the best kid EVER. She is polite, friendly, kind, smart, funny, creative, laid back, obedient, and beautiful. Oh my gosh, she’s just like ME!

We told her we’d do anything she wanted for her birthday, but she just wanted to keep it low key. I have to say she doesn’t complain or give me attitude very often at all. Of course, as she said this weekend, her whole life is like an elective – horseback riding, bridge, volleyball, and guitar lessons – so what’s there to complain about?

According to my mom and Aunt Faye, a lot, but that’s a story for another time.





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  1. Rachel is very sweet and beautiful I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree or at least the grandmother tree. Enjoyed the week-end with her.

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