Let’s face it, no one cares if I lose two pounds or stress eat an entire sleeve of Thin Mints in an hour. But you can go ahead and guess which one I did.

My day was not really all THAT stressful, but I slept poorly, woke up with a bad headache and an even worse attitude. Being with me 24/7 must be so much fun. Anyway, one of my major accomplishments of the day was finally getting to the store for some coupon action. I was fuming about half way through because of all of the greedy couponers who had been there before me and emptied the shelves. Isn’t that rude? But then I decimated the dog treat aisle with my NINE coupons and realized the fault really lies with the store. If you put it on sale, perhaps you should buy some extra! Hello? Coupons cut my bill from $68.00 to $32.00, so WINNING. Yeah, I’m gonna beat that to death.

JD and Moon did what they do every day – freak me out.


If fear burned calories, I’d be a size 0.

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