We interrupt these resolutions…

for a Birthday Shout-out!


My nephew, Matthan, is 12 years old today! Okay, he’s not really 12, it’s just that it’s hard to believe that that’s him, holding a baby of his OWN. It was just yesterday that JD and I were racing to Tennessee to catch the last few minutes of his Friday night football games. He’s changed so much in the past few years. Now he’s actually COACHING those Friday football games. Wow, the transformation is astounding.

Before the MoonPie, Alaska Ashleigh, and Juvenile Joseph, we all thought the sun rose and set over Matthan.


Awww. Look at the cutie. He’s being held by my great  grand-parents, Cumie and Daddy Bob. She died not long after that picture was taken. Coincidence? We like to think so.


That’s his fake “I’m angry” look. He was never actually angry a day in his life. Why be angry when the entire world revolves around you? He was my first and only baby-sitting job. My sister, Tania-the-Mad (did I mention that she’s a LOT older than I am?) used to pay me $20.00 a week to watch him. TWENTY DOLLARS  A WEEK! (That’s four dollars a day for those readers from Virginia). I only have one memory of the period, and that’s when my dad woke me up from a very nice nap on the couch to ask me why Matthan was crying. How the heck should I know, as I was SLEEPING!  By the way, my dad’s angry look is not fake.

I’d decided NOT to post anymore Birthday Shoutout’s (TM) but I have so many great shots of Matthan – scoring touchdowns, pitching baseballs, graduating from Dartmouth, that it seemed like a waste.


Maybe next year I’ll dig those out.

Happy Birthday Matthan, we love you!

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