We don’t need no stinkin’ patches

So you might have noticed that I’ve been posting quite a bit about BROWNIES. That’s because they have taken over my life. I spend most of my days going to troop meetings and field trips, selling Girl Scout goodies, or trying to complete some crazy TRY-IT so the MoonPie can get yet another patch.


I was IN Brownies. This is how I remember it – go to a meeting, drink some bad Kool-aid, come home with no patches. For some reason, I was under the impression that getting patches was hard. It seemed like the only way to score one was to go camping for three days, in the RAIN, and build a fire using only two sticks and a piece of twine.

Here’s a patch we got the other day:


It’s the Unlock the Mystery patch for emailing 12 people and asking them to buy Girl Scout nuts. I guess the “mystery” is figuring out how many family members will actually delete your email without reading it.

Then there’s this one. She EARNED it on Saturday.


She watched a play. She WATCHED a play. She didn’t act in one, or produce one, or hand out flyers to guests as they came in. She showed up and sat in a chair. This will go great with the one she got for looking at the Fire Department’s truck and walking in a parade.

Has Brownies changed that much over the years, or did my mother just refuse to take me to anything? Never mind. I think I just Unlocked the Mystery.

By the way, Girl Scout Cookies go on sale in about a week. Expect an email.

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